Excerpt from Chapter 7 – “Help from a Friend or Family Member”

Published January 31, 2018

As I have mentioned, you have probably lost close contact with your support systems due to your abusive relationship. At minimum, you have not told them about your abuse or the extent of the abuse. Remember your support system is trustworthy family, close friends, your physician, church community, and anyone else you trust to keep this information and you safe. A person cannot support you if they do not know about the abuse. You will probably need to give details so that they will understand what you are going through. They are not living in your home and do not see what you have endured. Try to be open and honest. You have nothing to be ashamed of. This is not your fault.

Give some thought to how others can help and what you need specifically. This could be someone to talk with, either them or a therapist; or you may need money, a job, legal advice, a place to stay, transportation to and from appointments, making a safety plan, help finding a place to live, help with moving, a hug, and child care. These are some suggestions and certainly not a comprehensive list. This section is to help you openly communicate with people in your support network. You could begin by telling them of your abuse, let them read this section, then discuss what is going on and how they can help you.