Excerpt from Chapter 10 – “Will You Ever Be Okay Again?”

Published February 9, 2018

When you come out of an abusive relationship, you may feel damaged and that you will never be able to live a happy life. The damage done by domestic abuse never heals 100%. There is always a scar that remains, and trusting will be difficult. Life after domestic abuse is different for everyone. The bruises will heal; the pain and confusion will fade. I hope you will establish a life with some routine and less chaos. Being abused by someone you love and is supposed to love you is a profound betrayal of trust, and healing may be a long process. The emotional and practical losses you experienced will affect you for a long while. These experiences do leave a mark but will not necessarily permanently ruin your life.

Take things slowly, and be kind and non-critical to yourself. Don’t create unrealistic timetables for recovery. Many women who experience domestic abuse do not necessarily enter other abusive relationships. Many women manage to rebuild their lives after an abusive relationship. Some move on to be involved in wonderful, two-way, loving relationships. Others realize that life on their own is a good and safe route. And, unfortunately, others find themselves in destructive or abusive relationships again and wonder why and how it happened again.